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i'll just write this down with the hopes that you'll understand

Write to Express Not to Please

Darker Angels
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A comm for various writings, fanfics, poems, etc

a community purely for those that love to write...and to be challenged

» Darker Angels « » Rules «
→ Darker Angels was originally created to be a place to hold all of my writing and such so it didn't all take up my journal but I slowly but surely lost interest in the community.
Well now, I'm back and reopening the community.
It can be used for any type of writing[fics, poems, etc] and anyone can see what you put and give proper feedback.
I will not allow posting access to everyone and if you would like to be able to post please comment on the 'Posting Privileges' post.
There are rules of course.
→ 1] Please respect all members
→ 2] Please use lj-cuts at all times
→ 3] Please use proper grammar and English
→ 4] Please refrain from posting non-writing posts
→ 5] Please use proper warnings when necessary
→ 6] Please remember anyone can see what you write
→ 7] Please do not slander other authors
→ 8] Please be sure to check the FAQ before contacting me about questions
→ 9] Please report anything you find wrong/offensive
→ 10] Please have fun

→ FAQ→ Answers
» Who can post? Anyone I feel will follow the rules
» Why so many rules? There really aren't that many. Just to ensure no one's feelings are hurt.
» How can I report another member?The welcoming post. All comments will be screened.
» Have another question? Please email me at drop_a_thought@hotmail.com. Please use this as a last resort.
» Want to be an affliate? Please comment on the welcome post but be aware that comments are screened on that post.

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