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08 June 2008 @ 01:20 am
X-Men » Morning Star » 2/?  
`` Title: Morning Star
`` Author: xdarkx_xangelx Bri, of course
`` Fandom: X-Men [movies/comics the universe in my head{courtesy of crystal}]
`` Characters/Pairings: OC, St John Allerdyce, Kitty Pryde [mentions of Kyro =D], Jubilee, Rogue, Warren, Bobby
`` Rating: PG » PG-13[safe than sorry?]
`` Summary: When a mysterious person shows up at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, what sort of chaos will ensue?
`` Warnings: Er...I don't quite know.
`` Author's Notes: I don't know where this idea came from. And for those DGB fans that are waiting on TBWS I am working on it. The first chapter doesn't seem to want to come out of my brain [at least not in a way that sounds right.]
`` Disclaimer: dani is mine but that tis be it...*le sigh*

Morning Star
Chapter Two -

» the next morning «
Danika sat at breakfast between her brother and Jubilee with Rogue and Bobby across from them. They were all engrossed into a conversation, about what she wasn't sure nor did she really care. Her mind was still reeling from the night before and what she now deemed as 'her angel'. She hadn't asked anyone about it and was almost positive she never would. She looked up when her brother called her name. "Huh? What?"

John gave her an amused smile. "I was trying to introduce you to somewhat. Danika, this is Warren," he stated indicating the tall blonde male in front of him. "Aka Angel," he tagged to the end as a slight tease to the older teen.

Danika's head snapped up at the word 'Angel'. She looked to the male her brother was introducing and nearly fell out of her chair. "Hello, nice to meet you. If you don't excuse me, I think I'm going to head up to my room," she stated in a rush before hurrying out before anyone could respond.

Warren arched an eyebrow as he watched her leave before turning to John who merely shrugged and offered an apologetic look, at least as close as John could get to anyone besides his sister and Kitty. As the blonde male walked away the chatter at the table resumed.

» Not long after «
Danika had fled to her room, locking the door and walking out onto her balcony. She was currently taking residence on one of the railings her hair blowing out in various directions from the wind. She was staring off at the sky, her thoughts running wild. 'Her angel' was actually someone living in the same building as her. Someone that she could probably actually talk to.

THIS PART IS NOT DONE! I just had to post what I had!
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