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07 June 2008 @ 10:37 pm
X-Men » Morning Star » 1/?  
`` Title: Morning Star
`` Author: xdarkx_xangelx Bri, of course
`` Fandom: X-Men [movies/comics the universe in my head{courtesy of crystal}]
`` Characters/Pairings: OC, St John Allerdyce, Kitty Pryde [mentions of Kyro =D], Jubilee, Rogue, Warren, Bobby
`` Rating: PG » PG-13[safe than sorry?]
`` Summary: When a mysterious person shows up at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, what sort of chaos will ensue?
`` Warnings: Er...I don't quite know.
`` Author's Notes: I don't know where this idea came from. And for those DGB fans that are waiting on TBWS I am working on it. The first chapter doesn't seem to want to come out of my brain [at least not in a way that sounds right.]
`` Disclaimer: are people really daft enough to think i own any of these characters except danika?

Morning Star
Chapter One - Angel Sightings

» 8 pm «
As rain poured in heavy streams around Xavier's, a lone figure made its way towards the tall, looming building. If anyone paid close attention they would notice the slight limp, the duffle bag, the hand gripping the side. All various signs of distress and need. Upon closer inspection, they would notice the wide hazel eyes, that almost looked lifeless; the waist length brown hair; the tattered gray hoodie, that looked as if it had been singed.

The figure finally found her way up the stairs, with some struggle. Upon reaching the door she wrapped on the door with bloody knuckles before collapsing against the wall next to it to wait for a response. Exhaustion, pain, despair, and various other emotions splayed across her face as she waited.

Ororo Munroe made her way over to the door and opened it, peaking her head out. She let out a startled gasp seeing the young woman outside and immediately moved to help her inside and out of the rain. 'Charles, we'll be needing some medical attention at the front door.' "Dear, can you tell me who you are?" She questioned softly.

"I'm looking for St John," the female choked out in a somewhat foreign accent that the older female couldn't quite place, hazel eyes bleary as she looked at the dark skinned woman. Her eyes fell closed as she went limp in the older woman's arms, her body unable to keep moving after so much.

Ororo frowned as she examined the young female, from her black eye to her bleeding lip to her bloody knuckles. She briefly wondered what connection she had with the fire controlling male she had mentioned as she walked with Hank down towards the medical labs in the lower recesses of the institute.

» Meanwhile «
St John Allerdyce stood in the main common room of the building, his hands fisted around the controls of a fooseball table. He gently bumped hips with the small brunette female next to him. "Come on, Kitten. You can do better than that," he stated teasingly as he looked from her to the two opposite them.

Kitty Pryde merely stuck her tongue out at the male next to her before turning back in investing in the game. "Come on, Popsicle, what's the hold up?" She questioned the blonde male across from her as he struggled to free the ball from the corner it was trapped in.

Ororo smiled as she came upon the scene of the four teenagers. She remembered the task at hand though and made her way over to the quartet. "John, can I speak to you for a minute, please? You aren't in any trouble," she added the last at his alarmed look.

John lightly kissed Kitty's temple. "Kick butt, Kitten," he murmured before walking over to the dark skinned teacher. Pushing his hands down into his pocket, he nodded slightly. "What's going on?" He questioned softly.

Things immediately fell into place in the woman's mind. Why she looked so familiar, why her accent was so familiar. Everything about the girl seemed to line up with the pyro in front of her. "Not too long ago, a young woman appeared at the door. She was asking for you. She's down in the med lab but-"

John had taken off down the hallway before she could finish her sentence. He pushed through everyone, not bothering to apologize in his haste. He cut the corner and burst into the med lab, startling the blue furry doctor. "Danika!"

» A few hours later «
John hadn't said a word since he had burst into the room. He merely sat in the chair that had been pulled up next to the medical bed, that housed the female, her uninjured hand gripped in his. His hazel eyes were unfocused and he hadn't responded to anyone, not even Kitty.

Hank McCoy sighed softly as he maneuvered around the teenager that seemingly had made himself a permanent fixture in the lab. He'd seen the concern in the male's eyes when he had first come into the room and wasn't about to deny him access to someone that was obviously close to his heart.

The female on the bed let out a soft moan and her eyes slowly fluttered open causing both males to come to attention. "Where in the bloody hell am I?" She questioned, accent heavy as her eyes fell back closed not registering who was in the room.

John let out a sigh of relief. Good, she hadn't changed any. "Sis? You're in New York," he murmured softly as he leaned forward, his other hand brushing her hair off her face. Hazel eyes met hazel as hers flew open in shock.

Hank slid out of the room leaving the siblings to sort things out. He hadn't even known that the boy had a sister and he was almost positive no one else knew. 'Charles, I have some news.' He called out to the aging Professor hoping that he was heard.

Danika Allerdyce offered her older brother a smile, at least the best she could manage in her condition. "You're one hard bloke to find, did ya know that?" She asked, voice slightly scratchy but accent still distinguishable as she watched the male.

"What happened to you, Dani?" John asked softly as he squeezed her hand, her childhood nickname easily passing his lips. He motioned for her to budge over and hoisted himself up onto the bed with her, sliding one arm around her shoulders.

"It's a bit of a long story, Johnny," Danika murmured softly as she leaned her head on his shoulder. She took a deep breath before starting to relay everything that had happened since he had left Australia, which apparently was quite a lot.

» The next day «
Kitty, Jubilee, and Rogue sat in the room that Kitty and Jubilee shared, deep in discussion about the female that had appeared the day before. None of the females had heard the knocking on the door so when Bobby was suddenly there they all shrieked.

Bobby covered his ears before shielding himself from the sudden onslaught of pillows that came his way. "Hey, hey, chill alright! John wants us to come down to the med lab," he stated once he had their attention and was nearly bowled over by the females.

The group made their way through the building, still discussing who the female possibly was. They still hadn't come up with a sensible idea when the walked into the med lab to see John on the bed talking softly to the girl.

John looked up when someone cleared their throat and offered the group a soft smile. "Guys, I would like you to meet my sister, Danika. Danika, this is Bobby, Rogue, Jubilee, and Kitty," he stated indicating each as he named them, eyes still on his sister.

"You're right, John. As weird as it is to say that, she's pretty," Danika stated as she smiled at the last female her brother had indicated, mischief twinkling in her hazel eyes. She turned innocent eyes to her brother who was doing his best to glare at her despite the pink tinge of his cheeks.

Bobby grinned slightly. "I like her already, man," he stated with a slight glint in his blue eyes as he regarded his best friend and Danika. He gave Rogue's gloved hand a soft squeeze as he continued to watch the duo on the bed.

Jubilee smiled brightly at the newcomer, who looked close to her own age. "It's nice to meet you! Why've you been holding out on us, Johnny boy?" She stated as she looked between the siblings an eyebrow raised in question.

Danika snickered at her nickname for her brother. She sobered a bit at the female's question. "I was supposedly dead," she stated where they could all hear her. A soft silence settled over the room, it was somewhat somber in itself.

"Well let's not dwell on the past! Are you allowed out of here, Danika? By the way, isn't your name Hebrew for morning star?" Kitty replied a bright smile on her face as she watched the female currently in her boyfriend's arms.

"It's a 'k' not a 'c', Kitten. It still means the same thing though, only Slavic," John stated as he slid off the bed. He offered a hand to his sister. "Come on, Dani. Let's get you out of here. You'd go bonkers being back here for too long."

» Later that day «
Danika stood out on the balcony of the room she had been given. Given her circumstances, she was allowed her own room. She had to admit, it had an amazing view of the grounds and currently of the spectacular sunset. The sky was a combination of blues, reds, oranges, and violets that looked as if a painter had just splashed them onto a canvas. She was so engrossed in the view that she never noticed the figure dropping down from the balcony above hers until he came into her view. Danika let out a sharp gasp at the figure that was now a silhouette in front of the setting sun. It looked like an angel. As it made a turn sideways she was positive that it was an angel. She stepped back into the room, closing the glass doors and locking them before heading for another rough night of sleep.

Er...that was really really long. Like way longer than I ever expected. So what do you think????

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