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07 June 2008 @ 05:33 pm
X-Men » Kyro » In That Moment  
`` Title: In That Moment
`` Author: xdarkx_xangelx Bri, of course
`` Fandom: X-Men [movies]
`` Characters/Pairings: Kitty Pryde, loads of mentioning of Kyro =D
`` Rating: PG » PG-13[safe than sorry?]
`` Summary: And in that moment she realized that maybe everything had a time, like that small spark in her heart that he had created...
`` Warnings: Kinda angsty but not overly so...
`` Author's Notes: Ta...the ramblings of a person eating peanut butter and chocolate Pops, watching Anastasia[yes, the disney movie], and awake at nearly 4:30...this [and all my other stories] is completely unbeta-ed. Does anyone know a good beta?
`` Disclaimer: >.> <.< is this really necessary?

Kitty Pryde reflected on many things as she stood, just off of Alcatraz watching the infamous island. A very unconscious Pyro was over her shoulder, weighing her down way less than he should have. She watched as the island started to fall apart and realized in almost one minute the whole island could be gone. The unconscious male over her shoulder gave out a soft groan and she lowered him down to the ground carefully. As his eyelids fluttered open, brown eyes clashed with blue and she was transfixed.

And in that moment, she realized that maybe everything had a time, like that small spark in her heart that he had created. It was so unlike him in this fashion. He always manipulated the fire, the spark, never created it. Maybe that's what made it so special. That it was so unusual, so out of the ordinary. At least as out of the ordinary as one of them could get.

And maybe it was in that exact same moment that she truly realized that she loved him. No matter how broken, destructive, or disturbed he was, she loved him. Because he was him and that's all she needed. For her, it was never a case of looks, charm, or any of that. It was who was who. She'd seen many people walk in and out but no one seemed to be more themselves around her, except him.

And also in that moment, that some one, that she realized how twisted and warped the world they lived in was. How sick and disgusting it was, just because of the people that inhabited it, and their inability to just be themselves, like him. Just because of the people that inhabited it, and their ability to hate each other with such a passion, that could easily be put into a more productive use.

And in that same moment, she realized that there was nothing anyone could do to fix all the wrong but merely put it behind them and keep moving on. Forgiving and forgetting. It seemed like it would be easy enough. She knew it wouldn't. Not in this world, and how things worked. Forgiving was a very simple and meager task but throw the forgetting in, and things became difficult.

And in that one moment, she realized how childish most of them seemed to be. All with self-serving motives. Sure, there was a few that were sacrificing themselves but she knew her reason was self-serving, and it was all because of him. She wasn't sure if she'd actually see him, just even one last time, but she had a vague idea that he'd be there for just that same reason.

And still in that moment, she realized all of their lives had changed and how nothing would ever be quite right or feel quite right, but she knew they would make it, they had to. She wasn't sure how things would turn out after this, but she knew that if they at least survived, she'd sleep better than she had in months. There was no denying that.

And just in that moment, she realized that she could almost careless about everything else coming down around them. Just as long as he was there, and she was there. A boy and a girl. A very broken boy and a very disturbed girl. But it was still them. Still how things were going to go for them. If destiny had any say, even if neither of them believed in fate or destiny.

And in that moment, his arms around her and hers around him. So tight, they would probably break each other. She knew that everything would be alright. That everything would work itself out. And as they made their way back to the institute, Kitty Pryde realized how much, just one moment could change. It was quite astounding.
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Briana: Kyroxdarkx_xangelx on June 20th, 2008 07:37 am (UTC)
Thankies! I've had this sudden muse and I've been on a roll! Expect more!

Elizabethwickedwriter916 on June 20th, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
I know exactly what you mean! The plot bunny has bitten me and I've been writing pretty much non-stop!